About Sharon Larsen, DNP, APN

Sharon Larsen is a board-certified nurse practitioner and has always been passionate about providing quality healthcare and delivering her patients the information that they need to understand and improve their health.  The relationships that she has acquired with her patients over the years continues to feed her desire to expand her knowledge and provide current and complete care to her patients.  

She graduated with her nursing degree in 1997, and while working as a nurse in the Emergency Department, she continued her education, graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Lewis University in 2001.  After deciding to further her career, she returned to school and graduated with a Master of Science – Family Nurse Practitioner from Northern Illinois University in 2010.  She achieved her highest educational goal in 2017, graduating from Wilkes University with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice, focusing on patient education post-discharge in patients with heart failure.  

Sharon has lived in this community her entire life and feels close ties to the community and is honored to be able to provide compassionate, high-quality primary care to patients in and around Crystal Lake.  

Why “CardinaLight”?

Many believe that when a cardinal appears, an angel is near.  The name of our practice, CardinaLight, was born with this thought in mind.  My father left behind a legacy that is filled with love, faith and purpose and we wanted to honor this in an endeavor I know that he would have completely supported.  Our practice logo is representative of me and my father in a brakeman’s lantern, a lantern my paternal grandfather used throughout his career, and a lantern that was present in our home my entire childhood.  CardinaLight Health, LLC hopes to be a medical practice that will embody that love, faith and purpose.

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