Alle Rewards Program

At CardinaLight Health, LLC, we offer services for every member of your family. That means everyone sees the same provider, ensuring the continuity of care. Caring for patients of all ages has offered us the opportunity to build lifelong relationships. We tailor our adult and pediatric services to the individual to ensure that each member of your family receives the right treatment. Our practice offers a wide variety of services for every person in your household.

Annual Wellness Exams

An important part of preventative healthcare is getting an annual wellness exam. Annual visits with your primary care provider have many benefits. First, you receive a yearly health assessment to ensure that you are in good health. These yearly visits also help our patients and providers build a relationship. That way, we can assess any health issues that may arise.

Preventative Health Care

Preventative health care is essential to your health. Preventative health care includes services such as vaccines, mammograms, PAP smears, colonoscopies, and routine labs. These are important aspects of your health care plan to help detect and prevent significant health issues.

Management of Complex Medical Diagnoses

Some chronic health conditions, like diabetes or high cholesterol, can feel overwhelming. At CardinaLight Health, LLC, we help you manage those conditions so that you can continue to live your normal life. The key to managing complex medical diagnoses is to schedule routine follow-ups with your provider. At those appointments, we will make sure that your positive lifestyle changes and medications are working well.

School and Sports Physicals

Sending your child to school is an exciting time. At CardinaLight Health, LLC, we want this important life transition to be smooth. Our practice provides school and sports physicals for your family. The state of Illinois requires students to receive physicals before kindergarten, 6th grade, and 9th grade. The state also requires that student-athletes receive annual physicals to ensure that they are healthy enough to play sports.

Women’s Health Services

Women have unique needs that require specialized preventative health screenings. Our practice provides PAP smears and breast exams. We can also order screening mammograms. Our providers also help you manage any other women-related issues, like menopause concerns or contraception.

Illness Management

Chronic illnesses can wreak havoc on your life. That is why we help you learn to manage your illnesses. Our providers will work with you to ensure that you are practicing healthy lifestyle choices and have access to medications that fit your personalized needs.

Minor Skin Procedures

We will provide minor skin procedures in our office. You can receive sutures and staples for lacerations, as well as incision and drainage for skin abscesses. We also provide punch biopsies of skin lesions and skin tag removal services.

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