Healthcare that comes from the heart

At CardinaLight Health, LLC, we offer a distinctive type of primary health care. Our care is not traditional, but rather personalized to each patient we see.

We are passionate about providing our patients with the information to understand and improve their health. In addition, we form connections that keep our patients coming back year after year.

Sharon Larsen began CardinaLight Health to serve Crystal Lake and surrounding communities. She is passionate about providing patient care that embodies love, faith, and purpose. Above all else, she wants her patients to understand and be able to improve their health.

Sharon is a licensed nurse practitioner with the Full Practice Authority (FPA) in Illinois. That means she can see patients and offer a full range of care, independent of a physician. She is also board-certified in family medicine. Full Practice Authority allows for more efficient and less expensive care — both of which are important to all healthcare seekers!

Our practice is affiliated with area hospitals. Patients are able to have diagnostic tests completed at any of the area health systems and the results will be sent to us. If one of our patients is admitted to a local hospital, they will be seen by the hospital medical staff. All their records are faxed to the office allowing us to follow up with our patients.

Why Choose CardinaLight Health?

There are many reasons why you should choose CardinaLight Health to serve your medical needs. First, we provide more personalized care. We go over your unique medical needs, treating you like a person, not a number.

We also know how important it is to get to know you so that we understand your individual medical needs. This is why we offer longer appointment times, which gives our patients more time with the provider.

During your visit, we will put together an individualized patient treatment plan so you can take part in your health care. When you leave our offices, you’ll have an understanding of your treatment plan, including what lifestyle modifications need to happen to improve your health. You will also be familiar with the medications that are being prescribed to you, how they work and when you need to follow up.

Our provider can work with any other providers to ensure that you always receive the highest quality health care.

Our Services Are Unique

We have a small, intimate office setting allowing us to provide a comfortable environment with the ability to focus on our patients more. All our patients are treated as an extension of our own family.

Our care is focused on wellness and preventive care. We can help improve your health instead of providing “reactive care” for chronic health conditions.

You can easily reach us using several methods, including phone, text messaging, and portal messaging.

If you have billing questions, you can ask us directly instead of waiting on hold using an “800” number.

You Can Trust Our Practice

Sharon Larsen has over 10 years of nurse practitioner experience in Primary Care. She has more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare field. All of that previous care was spent as a nurse in emergency medicine.

All patient care is genuine and tailored to the patient’s needs. She works to provide each patient the care she would want her own family to receive.

We offer quick appointments if needed!

Flexible scheduling and telemedicine appointments are available to accommodate your unique needs.

Our Patients Keep Coming Back

There are many reasons that our patients repeatedly choose us!

Our patients prefer personalized care that is custom-made to their specific needs.

In addition, patients like seeing the same provider each time they come in. It builds trust and understanding. It offers a continuity in care that you do not get at more extensive health facilities.

How Have We Stayed Successful?

There is a good reason we have stayed successful for this long. It is because we serve our patients with efficient, personalized care.

Our patients feel comfortable participating in their healthcare and receive quick resolutions to their questions and concerns.

Who Utilizes Our Services?

We have many different community members and industries that use our services. Contact us today for healthcare that comes from the heart!


Our provider is board certified in Family Medicine and can see patients from birth through older adults. We are the perfect spot for entire families to be seen for their healthcare.


Companies can depend on our easy-to-make appointments and flexible scheduling. We will work with any company to ensure ease of care for its employees.

Worker's Comp

We serve the worker’s compensation industry since we offer easy-to-make appointments.

Why is it called 'CardinaLight'?

Many believe that when a cardinal appears, an angel is near. The name of our practice, CardinaLight, was born with this thought in mind. Sharon’s father left behind a legacy that is filled with love, faith and purpose and we wanted to honor this in an endeavor we know that he would have completely supported. Our practice logo is representative of Sharon and her father in a brakeman’s lantern, a lantern her paternal grandfather used throughout his career, and a lantern that was present in Sharon’s home her entire childhood. CardinaLight Health, LLC, hopes to be a medical practice that will embody that love, faith and purpose.

CardinaLight Health, LLC, medical practice based on love, faith and purpose

Meet Our Nurse Practitioner

Sharon Larsen


Sharon Larsen, DNP, APN, FNP-BC, is a board-certified nurse practitioner with Full Practice Authority (FPA) in Illinois.

Her primary focus in both education and practice has always been the safety and well-being of her patients.

As a nurse practitioner with FPA, Sharon can evaluate patients and diagnose, order, and interpret diagnostic tests, independent of a physician. In addition, she can initiate and manage treatments for patients, including the prescribing of medication.

She opened CardinaLight Health with a single purpose: to provide a different kind of primary care to her patients. The company motto is Healthcare which comes from the heart.

The practice’s name, “CardinaLight,” is rooted in her family history. Many people believe that when a cardinal appears, this means an angel is nearby. She wanted to choose a name that honored the legacy her father left behind, and “CardinaLight” was born.

Sharon’s father was an influential person in her life. He taught her critical values when she was growing up that she used as the basic tenets on which to build her practice. Those values are love, faith, and purpose.

During her employment, Sharon has always been passionate about the health of her patients. Not only does she deliver quality healthcare to her patients. She educates them about their health by providing the information that patients need to understand and improve it.

Her relationships with her patients fuel her desire to expand her knowledge to provide current and complete care to her patients.

Before going into primary care, Sharon had a long and diverse career in other areas of the healthcare industry. She started in emergency services, was a firefighter/paramedic, and worked as an ER technician while in nursing school.

She graduated with her nursing degree in 1997. While working as a nurse in the Emergency Department and as a flight paramedic on Flight For Life, she continued her education. In 2001, she graduated Sigma Theta Tau with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Lewis University.

After working in the ER for 15 years, she decided to return to school to further her career. In 2010, she graduated with high honors from Northern Illinois University, earning a Master of Science Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. That is when she turned her focus to primary care.

After seven years, she once again returned to school, achieving her highest educational goal. In 2017, Sharon graduated from Wilkes University with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice. Her focus was patient education post-discharge in patients with heart failure.

Community is significant to Sharon. She has lived in this community for her entire life and feels close ties to others. This is why her education and practice focus has always centered around the patients that she serves.

Sharon is honored to provide compassionate, high-quality primary care to patients in and around Crystal Lake.

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